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UAS Demo Days at Drone Arrival Summer 2023
Posted by Drone Arrival Team | 20 06 2023
UAS Demo Days at Drone Arrival | Summer 2023

Drone Arrival, in partnership with SPH Engineering, from July 11 to July 13 will be conducting hands-on demonstrations of some of the most powerful sensors for drones available—Ground Penetrating Radar, Magnetometer, Echo Sounder, Methane Detector—the drones and software that fly them, and more. Our guests will witness industry-redefining drone technology with sensor payloads in action:...

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Drone Arrival Steve Akins IF1200A with LiDAR payload at AUVSI Xpo23
Posted by Drone Arrival Team | 03 06 2023
Drone Arrival at AUVSI Xponential 2023

Keeping with the theme of “Building the Blueprint for Autonomy” at this year’s AUVSI Xponential 2023 (#xpo23) in Denver, Drone Arrival highlighted a cross-section of uncrewed technology options brought together in best-in-class, integrated UAS solution offerings. Our leading themes focused on specialized sensor integrations, BVLOS-ready platforms, and drone light-show innovations. Our partner Routescene’s LiDAR tools...

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Nitric Acid Plant Drone Video of the Year
Posted by Drone Arrival Team | 04 08 2022
Drone Arrival on judging panel for 2022 Engineering Drone Video of the Year

Drone Arrival participated on the panel of judges for the 2022 Engineering Drone Video of the Year, organized by Civil + Structural Engineer Media. The annual contest showcases drone videography as a tool for conveying information about AEC projects and for communicating their purpose, value, aesthetics, and broader context. This year’s competition began with the...

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Black Forest near IR reflectance
Posted by Drone Arrival Team | 14 06 2022
Piloting Sustainability with Drones—Webinar

Image credit: “The Hidden Forest” showing differences in photosynthetic activity based on Near-Infrared-Reflectance. This mosaic was created from UAV images taken in the Southern Black Forest, Germany. © Adrian Meyer. Published in Drone Technologies for Conservation, WWF Conservation Technology Series, 2020. “Piloting Sustainability with Drones”—a Cutter Consortium webinar presented by Drone Arrival's President, Helen Pukszta—is...

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DJI Agras 16 drone for spraying
Posted by Drone Arrival Team | 04 12 2021
Drones for Sustainability

In “Drones for Sustainability,” an article contributed to a recent Cutter Business Technology Journal issue “Driving Sustainability via Technology Strategies,” Drone Arrival’s Helen Pukszta explores the impact of commercial drones on the environment as well as their role as a tool for sustainability. The two areas highlighted in the article are “Growing More with Less:...

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Flyfire drone show drones
Posted by Drone Arrival Team | 17 10 2021
Drone Arrival on Judging Panel for Second International Drone Show Competition

The second International Drone Show Competition is underway, and submissions are now being accepted through November 30, 2021. Winners in six competition categories will be announced on December 21 and will receive prizes specific to each category. The categories include: Best drone show 3D animation Best drone show using up to 100 drones Best drone...

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Drone Arrival at prescribed burn at Illinois state park
Posted by Drone Arrival Team | 07 09 2021
Drone Arrival Assists with Prescribed Fires

Naturally occurring fires throughout the Midwest ultimately shaped the distinctive prairie and oak savanna ecosystems we now enjoy in Illinois. These habitats are adapted to sustain periodic fires and even depend upon them. With their deep taproot systems or thick bark, native plants can survive intense heat. Invasive, non-native plants often don’t have the adaptations...

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Drone Arrival Steve Akins and SPH Engineering Alexei Yankelevich at AUVSI Xponential 21
Posted by Drone Arrival Team | 31 08 2021
Drone Arrival at AUVSI Xponential 2021

Inspiring, in-depth conversations more than made up for this year’s smaller crowds at AUVSI Xponential (#xpo21) in Atlanta, GA. Co-exhibiting with our partner SPH Engineering, Drone Arrival was proud to highlight a complete suite of SPH Engineering products available to our US customers: ATLAS – a comprehensive platform for flight mission workflow management, data access...

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Yuneec H520 drone night flight
Posted by Drone Arrival Team | 29 02 2020
Trends Shaping Drone Adoption for 2020

With 2020 here, it’s time for new predictions. What are the key trends impacting drone adoption in businesses and public sector in 2020?  Here are excerpts from Helen Pukszta’s “Trends Shaping Drone Adoption for 2020 and Beyond,” published in Cutter Consortium’s annual “Business Technology Trends and Predictions." […] FAA regulations focused on integrating […] drones...

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Helen Pukszta & Steve Akins at Chicago Build 2019 Expo at McCormick Place
Posted by Drone Arrival Team | 24 09 2019
Drones in Construction: Drone Arrival at Chicago Build 2019 Expo

Drone Arrival’s Steve Akins and Helen Pukszta presented at Chicago Build 2019 Expo — the leading and largest construction show covering all sectors of the construction, design & real estate industry — on “Drones on a Mission to Improve Construction Processes and Outcomes.” At this year’s exceptional Chicago Build at McCormick Place, there were a few...

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