Drone Arrival on Judging Panel for Second International Drone Show Competition

Flyfire drone show drones

The second International Drone Show Competition is underway, and submissions are now being accepted through November 30, 2021. Winners in six competition categories will be announced on December 21 and will receive prizes specific to each category. The categories include:

  • Best drone show 3D animation
  • Best drone show using up to 100 drones
  • Best drone show using from 100 to 1000 drones
  • Best drone show using over 1000 drones
  • Best integrated drone show
  • Best drone show business promo video

Drone Arrival’s Helen Pukszta and Steve Akins are on the international judging panel for the second Drone Show Competition.

Drone shows are a sustainable technology for spectacular outdoor light shows at public events and celebrations. Drone Show Competition is a multidisciplinary contest that brings together event planners and organizers, 3D animators, drone show industry providers, and fans and enthusiasts from all over the world, and helps to build up a community of like-minded people passionate about drones and modern art.

The competition is organized by SPH Engineering, the maker of Drone Show Software (DSS)—the first commercially available software to manage swarms of light drones, now capable of handling fleets of more than 1000 drones in the air.

Find out more about Drone Show Competition and how to apply at https://droneshowsoftware.com/competition.

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