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Impact assessment

An analysis of threats and opportunities from drone technologies for your industry and organization, along with discovery of winning use cases and transformative applications.

Business Case definition

Making the case for introducing drones to your value chain and integrating them into your workflow and operations, with defined value, costs, benefits, and a clear path forward.

UAS Technology Selection

Selection of drone technology brands, UAV models, cameras, sensors, and aerial data capture and analytics software. Evaluation of in-house vs. external flight operations.

UAS Program Implementation

Planning, execution, and management of proof-of-concept and fully rolled out drone program implementations, including risk and change management.

Systems integration

Solution development and systems integration to craft and develop differentiating UAS technical capabilities beyond available, ready-to-deploy drone technologies.

Research and Advisory

Helping manage risk and opportunity in a shifting landscape of available drone technologies—and related robotics and AI— as well as in legal and regulatory environments.

Along with consulting, we offer UAS sales of all major drone-technology brands as well as training and support packages tailored to your organization’s specific needs.



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