Drones for Sustainability

DJI Agras 16 drone for spraying

In “Drones for Sustainability,” an article contributed to a recent Cutter Business Technology Journal issue “Driving Sustainability via Technology Strategies,” Drone Arrival’s Helen Pukszta explores the impact of commercial drones on the environment as well as their role as a tool for sustainability.

The two areas highlighted in the article are “Growing More with Less: Drones in Precision Agriculture” and “Less Boom, More Wow: Reusable, No Pollution Drone Light Shows.” Although quite disparate, both areas illustrate how adaptable and accommodating drone technologies can be to applications where saving the environment and creating economic value are not inversely related.

Here are some highlights.

On Precision Agriculture:

[…] By using drones to help reduce the cost of water, fertilizers, and pesticides, farmers are getting a better return on their investment, while also contributing to environmental stewardship.

[…] The availability, ease of use, and just-in-time precision of a drone are hard to match. Drones will continue to be a cost-effective and energy-efficient enabler of precision agriculture and many other sectors and industries, and trusted tools for sustainability.”

On Drone Shows:

[…] Drone light shows have the potential to disrupt how the live events industry and corporate departments responsible for event planning deliver the optimal package of entertainment, special effects, advertising, and messaging.

[…] Drone shows can’t exactly match what traditional pyrotechnics produce, but they can complement (and even carry) fireworks, replace them with a different, environmentally cleaner experience, and easily surpass the level of customization, targeted messaging, and creative expression that pyrotechnics can offer.

You may read the entire “Drones for Sustainability” article by downloading it here.

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The complete Cutter Business Technology Journal issue, “Driving Sustainability via Technology Strategies,” which explores the ways that technology can be used to monitor and improve the sustainability of a wide range of processes, is available here, along with the companion CBTJ issue, “Sustainability & Technology: Building Innovative Solutions.” For Cutter members,“Drones for Sustainability” is available here.