Drone Show Systems

Why Drone Shows

Benefits of Drone Light Shows

New way of advertising

Drone shows convey customized and targeted messages that amplify branding while engaging and entertaining audiences.

New medium for creative expression

With night sky as the canvas, drone shows are a new medium for artistic expression and multilayered storytelling.

New addition to special effects toolset

Drone light shows can replace and enhance shows with fireworks, lasers, flames, smoke, music, and more.

Environmentally friendly

With a small environmental footprint, drone shows are a reusable, no-pollution, sustainable way to entertain.

Drone Show System

Technology Components

Drone Arrival is the official US reseller of complete Drone Show Systems that include Drone Show Software by SPH Engineering—the first commercially available software used to plan and run drone shows—and compatible, state-of-the-art drones designed to perform visually stunning, finely choreographed drone light dances in the sky.

Drone Show Drones

Drone show drones

Designed specifically for drone light shows of choreographed UAV swarms, drone show drones come ready to fly and are fully compatible with Drone Show Software.

  • ✓ Ultra-bright LED lights visible miles away
  • ✓ Lightweight yet wind resistant
  • ✓ Precise, RTK-based navigation and positioning
  • ✓ Redundant control link
  • ✓ Easy transport and deployment
  • ✓ Multiple models available to fit your vision and operational requirements
  • The systems are optimized for the fleet size ordered and include all required ground infrastructure and accessories.
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Drone Show Software

Drone Show Software

Drone Show Software from SPH Engineering is the first commercially available software used to plan and safely run complex drone shows.

    • ✓ Handles 1000+ drones simultaneously
    • ✓ Red Button functionality over a separate radio channel for redundancy and emergency commands
    • ✓ Dual geofence functionality with fence editor
    • ✓ Over 20 preflight checks and status indicators
    • ✓ User-controlled autopilot parameters
    • ✓ Multiple telemetry streams
    • ✓ Customizable alerts view
    • ✓ Built-in drone calibration tool
    • ✓ Commands—including in case of emergency—can be issued to the entire fleet or individual drones
    • ✓ Flexible time settings for starting the show
    • ✓ Fleet configuration tool
    • ✓ Built-in Show Simulator for training and detailed show planning
    • ✓ Toggles between Overview, Detail, 2D Map, and 3D Map views
    • ✓ Client-server architecture allows for distributed installations
    • ✓ Supports design animations from Blender and Cinema4 with built-in checks for speed and distance safety
    • ✓ NEWLY RELEASED: Drone Show Creator allows for quick and easy designs of animations compatible with DSS
    • The system includes a starter choreography package in Blender and Safety and Planning Guidelines.
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Drone Light Show Applications

Where Drone Shows Are Used

Music festivals

Give a dramatic introduction to an outdoor concert or any public event

Theme parks

Draw crowds to special or permanent-installation light shows in the sky

Sports events

Stir up fan loyalty with displays of team logos and victory celebrations


Bring luxury evening entertainment to guests at ski resorts, hotels, retreats


Display sponsors’ logos, QR codes, and tailored brand messages in the sky

Municipal celebrations

Replace holiday fireworks with environmentally sound drone shows

Product reveals

Tell the world about a new product or reveal your brand’s new look

Family celebrations

Add visual magic to weddings, birthdays, bar mitzvahs, quinceañeras

Drone show drones pre-launch
Drone Shows

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Complete Drone Show Systems

We offer proven, ready-to-fly Drone Show Systems that include required training and support. We also offer FAA waiver assistance.




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