Complimentary Support

Drone Arrival offers complimentary three months / 8 hours of support with all purchases.

Complimentary support covers all the how-to functional and operational aspects of the aircraft, payload/sensors, ground control station, and any other hardware and software components purchased with the system. Aside from that, we’re always happy to answer any questions you or your team may have.

We include a maximum of 8 hours of phone/email support for a period of 3 months, whichever comes first, after the purchase. Additional time blocks as well as on-site, hands-on support at your or our location can be ordered as needed.

Most manufacturers include limited warranty against defects as well as standard firmware upgrades. In many cases, protection plans against accidental damage and collision are available to purchase along with the equipment.

Depending on licenses purchased, software makers include maintenance and upgrades, either ongoing with annual fees or bundled with software subscriptions.

Our support complements these offerings. We also help navigate the process among makers of products that are part of an integrated solution to streamline your experience.

A remote pilot’s certificate is not required to purchase the equipment, but it’s likely you will need one to fly your drone.

The FAA regulations currently in place require pilots of drones used for commercial or public service purposes to fly under part 107, public COA, or section 333 exemption. Each has its own requirements, and, depending on the specific scenario, an organization can pursue one or a combination of the three primary sets of rules under which to fly. We can help decide which certifications are right for you and point to available resources as well as study guides for remote pilot test preparation.

All UAV users—commercial, public, hobby, or recreational—need to be aware of and follow airspace rules and regulations.

Unless your UAV weighs 0.55 pounds or less, you must register the drone with the FAA according to the rules you follow when you fly. You do this before your first flight.

We want your venture into UAS to be a resounding success and will work with you to ensure that all of your training and support needs are covered.




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